A word about Conroe ISD

We’d like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Don Stockton, superintendent at Conroe ISD, for telling us a little bit more about the school district – how it got to what it is today, its achievements, and what we can do as a community to foster its educative efforts.


Dr. Don Stockton - Superintendent, Conroe ISD

Dr. Don Stockton – Superintendent, Conroe ISD

Learning about Conroe ISD

Dr. Don Stockton

Conroe Independent School District is a 348-square mile school district located in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. The geographic areas of the District are diverse and include The Woodlands, Oak Ridge North, Conroe, and Caney Creek, as well as several other smaller towns, communities, and unincorporated areas. Conroe ISD is the largest employer in Montgomery County with approximately 6,000 employees.

Serving as Superintendent for Conroe ISD for ten years, I have had the opportunity to see the District and county grow immensely.  When I first moved to Conroe to teach 27 years ago, the District enrollment was less than 22,000 students; today Conroe ISD is home to approximately 54,000 students. Conroe ISD is currently the 17th largest district in the State and the 78th largest in the United States, serving students at 56 campuses.

Conroe ISD offers a comprehensive core academic program, a vast array of athletics, a cutting edge Career and Technical Education curriculum, and a slate of fine arts courses to meet the needs and interests of all students. Our completion rate of 97.1% is one of the highest in the State. Achievement scores continue to increase and are well above the state and national averages. The mean SAT score for Conroe ISD is 1549 compared to 1498 for the Nation and 1434 for the State. Seventy-three percent of Conroe ISD schools earned the rating of Exemplary or Recognized compared to 47% for the State during the 2011 Accountability Rating. In addition, Conroe ISD became the largest district in the State to ever achieve the highest rating of Exemplary in 2010.

Conroe ISD has also been recognized for fiscal responsibility. Conroe ISD earned the Texas Honors Circle District Award for receiving a five-star rating (the highest award from the State Comptroller) in 2010, 2011, and 2012 for achieving strong student performance while ranking very low in spending. This distinction places Conroe ISD among only 11 of the 1,140 public school districts in the State. Also, The Education Resource Group (ERG) gave Conroe ISD a 1.1 rating for high academic performance by students and efficiency in spending. The District is one of seven school districts in Texas to receive this top ranking. Our tax rate, $1.29, is one of the lowest in the Houston metropolitan area.

Conroe ISD is a community of individuals working together to achieve the best for students. Meeting the needs of the District’s continued growth is a top priority for the community, which was made evident by the passage of a bond referendum in May, 2008. Our community helps our schools and students be successful by supporting our District initiatives.

Reading is critical to student success, and the single most important thing a community member can do for a child is to read aloud to a child. Conroe ISD has been promoting a culture of reading through our “Read for a Better Life” initiative by calling to action all adults within the Conroe ISD community to devote at least 30 minutes a day to reading aloud to children.  If a child is in a home, I challenge Conroe ISD community members to read aloud to the child daily.  It is never too late to read aloud to a child – even high school students benefit from reading every day.  If a child is not in a home, I encourage community members to volunteer to read to children in one of our 56 schools, or provide books to read while children and parents are in the reception/waiting areas of your office/business.

Conroe ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in the State with an average enrollment growth of approximately 1,500 students per year. With low taxes, high achieving schools, prestige real estate, and many career opportunities, people want to live in Conroe ISD. We are excited to continue to see our enrollment increase to mirror the County’s growth.

It’s a great day to be in CISD!


Don Stockton

Superintendent of Schools


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