Announcing the OutRival Racing Athlete Sponsorship Program


The managing directors of OutRival Racing – the best multi-sport personal coaching firm in The Woodlands and its surroundings – and Rianne Sanchez, an Award-Winner agent from Keller Williams Realty, have announced a strategic partnership that’s designed to enable multi-sport enthusiasts to achieve their athletic goals while ensuring that they’ll receive a results-driven Real Estate experience.

The finalized agreement includes the sponsorship of an OutRival athlete by Rianne Sanchez for up to a year of personalized coaching, or one race-specific program, provided that the athlete selects Ms. Sanchez, recognized as a Top Producer not only by her firm, but also by The Woodlands Development Company, as the representing agent for qualifying real estate transactions. The agreement is effective for transactions scheduled to close and fund 12/01/2012 or later. See additional details below.

Triathlon-specific Program

“I could not be more excited with this relationship,” said Ms. Sanchez. “Both of our firms share the same principles: a long-lasting personal relationship with our clients, consistent delivery, which in the end translates into tangible, repeatable results.”

“The athletes at OutRival are a continuous story of success in the triathlete community. We’re honored to be a part of this story,” Ms. Sanchez noted.



Program Rules – Last updated 12/01/2013

How to Qualify

  • Current OutRival Racing athletes, as well as any multi-sport athlete that would like to sign up with the leading personal coaching firm in the region is eligible to participate.
  • A sponsorship will be provided once: (a) the participant has selected Rianne Sanchez as the sole and exclusive agent for Eligible Real Estate Transactions (defined below); and (b) the Real Estate transaction has closed and funded on 12/01/2012 or later.
  • The sponsorship will be provided in the form of a credit to the applicable party/parties at the time of settlement on the Closing Statement (HUD-1) for the amount equivalent to the sponsorship.
  • Eligible transactions include the lawfully executed sale and/or purchase of a home, townhouse or condo. Total dollar value of the transaction(s) must be $300,000.00 or more.
  • Sponsorship is based out of a 3% commission per transaction.
  • A one-year sponsorship for up to $1,500 will be provided given the $300,000 volume/3% percentage limits described above. However, if any of the above amounts is lower, we’ll work with you to get you the best value for your sponsorship.
  • For multiple transactions to qualify, they must occur within 90 days between both closings.
  • Additional savings can be incurred by participating in our All-In-One ORR Real Estate Bundle. Please contact us for additional details.
  • The sponsorship will not be offered in cases when the buyer is referred by another agent or real estate entity, or if the participant is a real estate agent or broker.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer – however, let us know when you’re ready to get results in both your athletic and real estate needs!
  • This program is only available where permitted under state and federal law and when not otherwise prohibited by the buyers lender(s).
  • Tax consequences to this program might exist. Consult with appropriate professional for legal or tax advice.


About OutRival Racing

OutRival Racing (ORR) is a Texas-based coaching service that provides quality coaching to triathletes, cyclists and runners. Certified coaches provide online comprehensive training plans, group programs and weekly sessions for ‘first-timers,’ age-groupers as well as amateur and professional elites.

Whether competing for a spot at the Ironman World Championships or simply working towards a faster 5k, our athletes are passionate about their sport and chasing success with their efforts.

With a dedicated, driven and experienced coaching staff, OutRival Racing has become one of the premier coaching services and is widely recognized at events across Texas. ORR athletes enjoy a variety of sponsorships, and though the majority of our athletes reside in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, many of our athletes receive online/web-based coaching from locations across the United States.


Interested in taking your athletic ability to the next level? Please visit ORR’s website for additional info!