Are you ready for Back to School?

You very well can be new to our community, or maybe you have children that are moving across the different feeder schools – or maybe you just need a friendly reminder  ;o)   Whatever the case, here’s a a list of things that we hope you’ll find helpful in getting ready for the big day – the day our children go back to school (can I somehow hear a sigh of relief from some?).

– Highlighting the obvious, you must register your kids in school. You’ll need the district-assigned ID to accomplish some of the next tasks

– If you live at least one mile away from the school, then your child may be eligible to ride the bus. Here are a few helpful links to find out – and to register them for pickup

– Go over the “Early Dismissal” routine with your children. This can be handy in case severe weather hits the area, or for those days that are already allocated for Early Dismissal.

– It might be a good idea to set up a lunch account for your child. Some districts accept reloading their existing accounts. Make sure that you visit the Online Parent Access Center that your district has set up for you.

– If your school offers a Meet The Teacher night, do it! It’s a great opportunity to get familiar with the faces at the classroom.

– Last but not least, let’s take advantage of these final days of summer vacation to get them used to the dreaded “school routines” – getting to bed early, waking up early… you know the drill. It will make change a little easier on everyone.

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