Conroe ISD – Preparing for Growth

We’re fortunate once again to have Drs. Don Stockton and Lisa Meeks from Conroe ISD for spending some time with us and sharing their experience and learnings from the Discover Houston expo held at ExxonMobil’s current headquarters in Virginia.  Malinda Stewart (r), Conroe ISD assistant principal, at the "Discover Houston" expo held at ExxonMobil headquarters in Fairfax, VA

Conroe ISD – Preparing for Growth

ExxonMobil invited local businesses and school districts to attend a “Discover Houston” expo at their headquarters in Fairfax, Va. All expenses for school districts and non-profit organizations were covered by Exxon. It was obvious that the employees who will be relocating had done their homework. They were excited about Conroe ISD and what all the district has to offer, such as dual-credit and Advanced Placement courses, Fine Arts, and Athletics. According to a survey Exxon conducted, 85-90% of their employees’ children, approximately 1,300 students, plan to attend Conroe ISD schools upon relocation at the end of 2014.

Montgomery County is a leader in Texas in job growth, so we have seen numerous companies relocate within the Conroe ISD boundaries. Therefore, we are no stranger to student population growth. Over the past 10 years, our average annual growth is approximately 1500 students a year, and we anticipate the same trend in the coming years. This school year we are opening two new buildings, Snyder Elementary and Peet Junior High. The building that previously housed Peet Junior High will now be Conroe High School Ninth Grade Campus. Next year, 2014-2015 school year, we will open two elementary schools, one in Woodforest Development and one on F.M. 3083.

Conroe ISD is one of the fastest growing districts in the State. With low tax rates, high achieving schools, and many career opportunities, people want to live in Montgomery County. The growth has been a trend and we expect to continue to see our enrollment increase to mirror the County’s growth.

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