Buying a new home? Pause before you walk in the door…

Now that existing home inventory is at its lowest, home buyers do have a choice of new home construction with quality builders around our area. The most interesting trend that we’re seeing is that, empowered with the information that is visible in the internet, and fueled by the excitement that only buying a new home can bring, people are leaving money on the table. A lot of it.

Take this real-life example – Mr. and Mrs. X, a successful young couple that decided to move up from their apartment. Tech-savvy, and after hours of research on the web, they showed up at a builder’s model home. Thirty minutes later, they have given the builder a check for $5,000, and signed a purchase contract. A few steps after walking out the door, however, something started feeling terribly wrong.

Mrs. X did a little more research and they found our site. She contacted us and told us what had happened, and after a few minutes, we discovered that not only the offer was made  for tens of thousands of dollars above the advertised price in the internet, but this agreed price was before going to their design center and get your options!

Sadly, scenarios like this are more common than ever before. Builder sales representatives love when an buyer walks into their office without qualified representation.  Believe me – I’m an advocate for research, but nothing (and I stress – nothing) is more valuable than experience in the area.  We know that they offer incentives to purchase. We know that they are flexible. We know things that, while we don’t expect you to know them, will be helpful to get the most value for your dollar.

The best way of getting out of scenarios like the X’s is to avoid getting into one. Know of someone that is planning to buy a new home? Let me know, so we can help you make the process of building your new home a truly memorable one.

About Danny Sanchez

Joining Rianne's award-winning team after a successful career as a Program and Operations Manager for a global outsourcing firm (with Fortune 100 companies as his primary clients), Danny has seen The Woodlands grow to what it has become today since 2001. An advocate for innovation and perfecting the Best Possible Real Estate experience, he understands very well that clients always come first. In his own words, "success looks like clients feel that they don't have any needs - because you've more than anticipated them."