FEMA to release new Flood Maps for Montgomery County

When you first bought your home, I’m sure that you had an opportunity to verify that the building is not within a flood zone – otherwise, you’re paying an additional premium for flood insurance. Well, in a few months, you will find out if this coverage is no longer needed – or if you’ll be stuck with it.

Taking a step back, and to understand the rationale behind this premium, insurance companies use a map called a FIRM map – Flood Insurance Rate Map. The latest FIRM map is over a decade old, which in perspective, is older than your oldest iPod! Due to this age, and given the large amount of housing developments that emerged during that time period, FEMA – the government body that produces, manages and directs new FIRMs – is about to complete the long, complex process to produce the new versions and is targeting to finalize them by this coming February.

Diana Herrera, the FEMA specialist for Coastal Texas, advised that the models being used to create the new maps are using advanced technology to ensure they are more precise. She also noted that, although the maps will take effect in February, there will be a six-month adoption and regularization period, so that those that need the coverage can get it.

To get an idea of whether your home falls – or not – in the flood zone, Herrera suggests to explore the preliminary FIRM maps, posted in the FEMA site. The interactive map shows both the present “effective” map, as well as the preliminary maps. Just use the controls at the left to remove/add the layers you would like to see. At any rate, we suggest that you talk with your insurance agent in February or March to verify whether or not you will need the additional flood insurance coverage.

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