Fireside Chat with Rep. Kevin Brady

Our thanks to Rep. Kevin Brady, representing  Texas District 8, to which The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, and Montgomery belong to – for taking the time to speak with us and providing us with his insight, particularly during this busy time on the Hill.


The Latest Election and its impact to the local economy
Rep. Kevin Brady (R) – Texas District 8

Not much changed on election day, Republicans still hold a strong majority in the House, Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate and President Obama is still in the White House. That means we face the fiscal cliff negotiations with the President feeling he has a mandate to raise taxes and the majority of the Congressional Districts in the country feeling just the opposite.

That said, Washington has a serious problem that deserves a serious solution. Raising taxes doesn’t solve the problem. It isn’t a serious deficit reduction proposal, because it hurts the economy and makes it impossible, or at least very difficult, to do fundamental tax reform, which is what must be done to grow the economy.

I run the Joint Economic Committee for Republicans. We just released a study that showed if President Obama’s economic growth had just been average, not dead last since World War II, our deficit this year would have been cut in half. While that doesn’t solve the problem, it shows that stronger economic growth and authentic spending cuts are the right mix to fix our dangerous debt. We also have to address entitlements, because what’s going to drive another downgrade of our credit is our failure to deal with Social Security and Medicare and the pending costs of ObamaCare as well.

This fiscal cliff is a real issue for taxpayers in the 8th Congressional District. If taxes go up, the average increase will be thousands of more dollars a year out of their pockets to Uncle Sam. With the higher costs of gas and groceries alone, thousands in additional taxes are exactly what their budgets can’t handle.

Washington must proceed with fundamental tax reform that will drive economic growth. It happened when President Reagan did it and when President Kennedy did it. It’s not a partisan issue, it’s a common sense issue. The math more than works on lowering rates and reducing tax loopholes. That combination grows the economy and gets businesses to invest the right $2 trillion of capital sitting on the sidelines.

The Woodlands and Texas as a whole can also teach Washington a lot. Pro-growth policies, low taxes and balanced regulations are a winning combination. It’s why our area is one of the few in the country that has bounced back from the great recession. I believe the future is very bright for our communities which is why I continue to work on bringing their commonsense values to the forefront in Washington. We have to address the drivers of our national debt, give small businesses and families a less onerous tax code and show them Washington can stop the spending train. If we do that, the rest of the country will be more like The Woodlands and Texas.

The Real Estate sector has serious concerns about the new sales taxes in ObamaCare that hit sales of properties worth over $500,000. We were able to remove the 1099 reporting requirement in ObamaCare that would have forced property owners who rent even a room out to file with the IRS, but there is much more to be done. The Real Estate community is very active in reaching out to me and other lawmakers so we know their concerns and can address them. Homeowners should do the same. When they see an issue that concerns them, reach out. And please, stay in touch with us online ( where you can send messages, sign up for our Brady Briefing e-newsletter and stay up to date on our town hall meetings. I can also be reached on twitter (@RepKevinBrady) or on Facebook (


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