More details emerge from The Woodlands new condo complex

As promised, we managed to get a sneak preview on what The Woodlands is planning to do on the topic of new luxury condos. To be completely honest, we left with more questions than we had answers, but with a good idea of where the developer is going to land. Simply put, the development company is in the exploratory phase – basically, they’re defining the when, what, and where.

  • When: Although the presentation mentions “near future,” we have to ascertain that the new buildings will be ready in 2015. What gave it away was the little disclaimers, saying that the proposed pricing was assuming 2015 rates.
  • What: Artist renderings were provided; however, the areas of focus for the development company is to determine the size and configuration of the units – namely, are lofts (1-bedroom) more appealing than a full-size, 3-bedroom. Also interesting was the discussion of the different amenities that these units would have: from Wine Cellars, to Maid’s Quarters, to on-site dry cleaning.
  • What Else: The Woodlands Development Company is also exploring rental properties:
    • High-rise luxury apartments – with units ranging from 960 to 1,500 soft, with a monthly rent estimated between $3,000 and $5,000 – again, in 2015.
    • Senior-living / Active Adult community – a mid-rise complex along the water. The facility would not include medical services, but it would be considered an “upscale” community
  • Where: There are three lots that are being considered for this development. The picture below will show you exactly where they’re located, but as you can see, they’re in the Waterway district. In fact, Site #1 is right next to the Water Fountain Park, and in front of a  planned 300-room luxury hotel


Luxury High-Rises - The Woodlands

We hope that this was informative. As always, we’ll post more as soon as we become aware of it. However, we’re very curious to know what you think. Share your thoughts with us via our Facebook page!

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