Move-In Checklist

Congratulations! You now have a place to call “home” – but now that you are about to pack (or unpack!) your boxes, make sure you have this checklist handy to guide you through a few steps to make you be at home.

  • Transfer or initiate utilities in advance – Even in this information age, utility companies require a little advance notice to set you up. Entergy (the provider for most of The Woodlands), for example, requires a minimum of 2 business days advance notice. Check the timeline for each provider, and set the effective date a day or so before you actually move in. Although you’ll pay an extra day, this should cover you in case of an unforeseen issue.
  • Check your appliances after the move – Even with the most careful packing, it’s likely that something might have come loose inside a fridge, a TV, or a computer. Your insurance policy may have a limited timeframe in which you can file a claim. If nothing turns on, though, a first place to start is to make sure if power is up and running.
  • Keep your move documentation safe – Depending on your own personal situation, your move may be tax deductible. Make sure you keep receipts, your Bill of Lading, and any other documentation that your accountant may deem helpful.
  • Enroll your kids in school – If you have school-aged children, find your school (The Woodlands / Magnolia) and register them. The sooner they’re settled in their new routine, the better.
  • Review your documentation – Depending on your situation, you might need to get new tags, plates, and a new Driver’s License with your new address. While you’re at it, make sure to register to vote.
  • Get your mail – Visit the USPS to forward your mail to your new address. Take a moment to go through your contacts list to make sure you’ve notified everyone that you’ve moved. If you need a new key, make sure to visit the correct USPS office. When in doubt, call them to find out where your office is.
  • Check your healthcare professional network – Chances are that you’ll need a new physician, a vet, and a dentist. Make sure to contact your health insurance carrier to ensure they’re in your coverage network. Speaking of health insurance carriers — if you need help in securing coverage, or reviewing additional options in your new area, let me know, and I’ll provide you with a list of professionals that we trust and are accountable to our team.
  • Take care of your finances – If you need to, open new accounts and get new checks with your new address on them. If you would like to visit with a Financial Planner, let me know, and I’ll get you connected with a network of trusted professionals.
  • Protect your investment – If you bought a house, you want to make sure that it’s well protected if life happens. If you have a trusted will and estate attorney, make sure that your will is updated. If you don’t, and you would like to get more information on how to protect your investment, please contact me and I will refer you to trusted professionals in the area.
  • Do not forget to recommend me to your friends and family! We highly value your trust during this process, and if you think we earned it, we’d appreciate it if you can provide us with the names of 2 people that you know that are ready to move.  Our promise is that they will get the best possible Real Estate experience.