Relocation Corner – What to Expect

As our community continues to enjoy an extremely healthy real estate market, buyers – in particular those that come from out of state – need to be aware of what to expect when they’re ready to “pull the trigger.” This is a brief attempt to highlight a few things that you will find as you start your home search in our community. To those of us that live and work here, it’s part of everyday life, but we believe that it’s always best to share these nuances with those that don’t – and are about to be immersed in it! As always, give us a call if you have any questions or if we can facilitate the process in any way.

  • Expect lots of communication from us – In this profession – as it is in any relationship, whether work or personal – it pays off to communicate. Not because we don’t have anything better to do, but we want to make sure that you don’t hit surprises along the way. From understanding your requirements (your must haves, and nice to haves), to our weekly updates, all the way down to your move date, our job is to minimize the stress that this change entails – so you can focus on other important aspects of your move.
  • Expect to read – a lot – In the information age, there is a plethora of resources out there that can help you get an idea of what living in our community is like – although there is nothing that replaces actually being here. Our newsletter can help – it’s filled with neighborhood events and a hyper-local point of view with what’s happening. What’s best is that it gets to your mailbox every month. You can sign up now with the form to the right.
  • Expect your Top Pick to be snatched within a few days of being in the market – That’s right – the average days in the market for homes has dropped considerably in the last few months. Picture this – the number of available homes continues to trend downwards, and coupled with an increased demand from folks moving into the area, it’s no surprise that the homes that you were looking at yesterday have a contract on it today. To prevent this frustrating scenario, we’ve been extremely proactive since the fall of 2012 in looking for the right home for our clients, by reaching out to our Agent Network (over 3,000 strong) and asking them to let us know if they have something that matches our requirements so we can pre-view all options before they hit the market and during the time an out-of-town buyer is on site. More times than not, this strategy has worked – and as a result, we have many happy – and less frustrated – homeowners.  ;o)
  • Expect to deal with Multiple Offers – This is the place where most buyers shy away and start biting their nails – multiple offers create bidding wars, and very likely result in a final price on or above the asking price (appraisal caveats aside, of course). However, and well before we get to the point of making an offer on the home, our team should be able to tell you whether or not the home will receive multiple offers (that’s our job after all!), and how to best prepare to move forward. We have often used strategies to avert a multiple offer – and help us lock up the deal before it turns into a feeding frenzy.
  • You CAN request to change your assigned agent – Often times, relocation management companies (RMCs) assign agents or directors within agencies that live and work out of the target area – hence unknowledgeable of our local market. We did encounter one time when a San Antonio agent was assigned for a move to Houston!  If you are getting to a point where your assigned agent may not be working out, give us a call – and with your approval we’ll work the details with the RMC to ensure that you and your family are well taken care of.



About Danny Sanchez

Joining Rianne's award-winning team after a successful career as a Program and Operations Manager for a global outsourcing firm (with Fortune 100 companies as his primary clients), Danny has seen The Woodlands grow to what it has become today since 2001. An advocate for innovation and perfecting the Best Possible Real Estate experience, he understands very well that clients always come first. In his own words, "success looks like clients feel that they don't have any needs - because you've more than anticipated them."