The Woodlands Real Estate Market Statistics – Nov 2016

Post-Election Recap Now that we are past the uncertainty of the election, it seems like the market (stock and real estate) is starting to wake up from a prolonged torpor. 2016 has been an unusual year, to say the least. However, … [Read more...]

The Numbers – Rainy Day Edition

First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and sound, and that the storm simply caused no more than the best lights and fireworks display and a sleepless night for our little ones. If you are willing and … [Read more...]

Let’s do the numbers – Pre-Spring Break 2016

With the first months of 2016 in the books, I'm sure you'll agree that quite a bit has happened. Between oil prices, job figures, interest rates, and the stock market, it sure feels like things are more than shaking up. Its impact … [Read more...]

Change is in the air – October 2015

With the cooler weather comes a cooler RE season - at least, that's the typical cycle. We can definitely argue that last year (2014) was an anomaly in the business, given all the folks that moved into our area to fill in the … [Read more...]

What’s new – Blood Moon Edition

I sure hope that the clouds break out enough for us to see the moon paint itself in red - well, you know what I mean. If we can't get to watch this, I suppose that we can try again in 18 years.... ;o) In the meantime, here are … [Read more...]

What exactly is going on?

If you're reading this post, it's likely that you have recently opened the HAR app on your phone and your face probably turned blue with the sea of green on the screen. Yes, it's true - the sudden influx of supply has tilted … [Read more...]

The Numbers – Market Trends May 2015

The month of May has already flown by and we're getting busier by the day -- which is definitely better news than the activity we had during the first few months of the year. We are definitely blessed that our community, including … [Read more...]

The Road Bond – A Front Row Seat in the Discussion

By now, every resident in Montgomery County should know that on May 9th, voters will have a chance to voice their opinion on the Road Bond proposal. Our team was honored with the opportunity to participate in a round-table … [Read more...]

What a couple of weeks can do

Spring Break - the time in the year where there's typically some time set aside to rest. Not necessarily for us, though, because this year it clearly marked the start of the Real Estate selling season. What changed is that … [Read more...]

What’s happening in our market? – Q1 2015

As we have come to learn, the economy comes in cycles, and this year has had an interesting start in the geopolitic arena -- in Europe, the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, the potential big fat Greek exit from the Euro … [Read more...]

Que esta pasando en nuestro mercado – Q1 2015

La economia como bien sabemos es cíclica, y este año parece haber iniciado de manera interesante en ámbito geopolítico - En Europa, los problemas entre Rusia y Ucrania así como la potencial salida de Grecia (y posiblemente otros … [Read more...]

Let’s do the Numbers – January 2015

As we look into the charts, keep in mind that, although the market may look like it's not moving, the climb in inventory can be attributed to (a) Sellers that are trying to get a higher price than market value; (b) it includes all … [Read more...]

Latest update from Springwoods Village

We had an interesting discussion with Clayton Benedict from Coventry Development (CDC) - the Colorado-based developer that owns the land in Springwoods Village. To follow are the key points that were shared with us: - The next … [Read more...]

Commercial Development Update – Q2 2014

The Houston area in general has been notorious for its growth - although the same can be said about Texas as a whole.  The oil boom from the different shales across the state (and even in Oklahoma) is driving additional employment … [Read more...]

Defining a 1031 Exchange

Our thanks go to Bernard Abercrombie from the renowned Abercrombie and Associates PC firm, for their assistance in writing this article.   If you're reading this post, it's likely that you've heard or seen "1031" in a … [Read more...]

Mission Possible – How to get ahead on your Move Strategy

Your mind is set - you want to make a change for the better. Whether an upsize, downsize, work-related, or simply because you need a change, it's always good to know what others are experiencing right now in this absolutely crazy … [Read more...]

Creekside Village Green work is officially underway

  With information provided by The Woodlands Development Company The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC) has begun construction of Creekside Village Green, the centerpiece for the highly-anticipated Creekside Park … [Read more...]

New Home Construction Update – Fall 2013

At the risk of sounding repetitive, everyone has been busy in the housing sector in our area. Builders in The Woodlands are running out (or have run out already) of inventory, new builds have emerged in Liberty Branch, and … [Read more...]

Sally Harris nominates “Lighting Luminary”

We could not be more proud of our very own Sally Harris - with her input, a deserving child has been selected to light up the Christmas Tree in Market street on Thursday November 21. Join us as we celebrate life and the … [Read more...]

Top 11 Reasons to Sell your Home during the Holidays

If you're debating on whether or not to wait until the feeding frenzy begins again during the Spring, consider the following points. They just might play in your favor. Give us a call if you're considering selling within the next … [Read more...]

Halloween in our Community

Summoning all mummies, daddies, little ghouls and ghosts! Looking for something to do this coming Halloween? Check out these events in our area - they'll be spook-tacular!  Know of any others? Let us know!  Have a safe and fun … [Read more...]

Relocation Corner – What to Expect

As our community continues to enjoy an extremely healthy real estate market, buyers - in particular those that come from out of state - need to be aware of what to expect when they're ready to "pull the trigger." This is a brief … [Read more...]

Home sales slowing down? Not here!

The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) released today the August sales numbers for the Greater Houston area. Bottom line, a story that you might be familiar with: No end in sight for the growth of demand for homes. We've … [Read more...]

More details emerge from The Woodlands new condo complex

As promised, we managed to get a sneak preview on what The Woodlands is planning to do on the topic of new luxury condos. To be completely honest, we left with more questions than we had answers, but with a good idea of where the … [Read more...]

Nuestra historia – Como se vio en Univision 45

En nombre del equipo, queremos agradecer las atenciones que Univision 45, en especial Raul Peimbert y Jose Luis Leal, nos han proporcionado para compartir nuestra historia con la comunidad.   … [Read more...]