Top 10 things that Buyers Hate About Your Home

As we get ready to plunge into the summer moving season (although, as we commented in our newsletter, we have been well underway for a few months already!), here are a few things to keep in mind (via this article from Bob Vila) as you get ready to put your home in the market. Don’t underestimate the power of “the fine points” – these items have proven time and time again to be turn-offs for potential buyers.

  1. A dirty home – Keep your kitchen and bathrooms clean – no laundry on sight!
  2. A messy home – With the potential of having buyers showing up through your home unexpectedly (or showing up without arranging for an appointment), you need to be sure you keep your home tidy. Plan ahead to store clutter, toys, laundry, etc. when you’re not home. Use the attic space or Texas basements!
  3. Poorly lit rooms – A bright room is much more attractive than a dark one. Add attractive lamps to be sure that your home is shown well lit — hey, maybe a good excuse to go shopping!
  4. Foul smellsYou’ll turn off prospective homebuyers immediately if you have any of these smells: pets, carpet, unpleasant food and cooking smells and musty basements.
  5. Distracting walls and wallpaper – The person who buys your home is likely to have different tastes than yours. While you don’t have to remodel your home to put it up for sale, you want to make it as neutral as possible, so buyers can visualize themselves living in the house with their stuff.
  6. Poorly maintained yard and/or pool – We hear so much about curb appeal, because it is crucial to the sale of your home. Make your home more inviting by keeping your lawn cut, bushes and trees trimmed, and weeds out of the way. About the pool, take the time to keep it blue (yep – keep algae out), and free of leaves and other clutter.
  7. Wall-to-wall carpeting – These days, many homebuyers prefer hardwood floors to a home that is 100% carpeted. Laminate or tile are often good alternatives. If you don’t plan to replace the carpets, though, be sure they are professionally cleaned to remove any stains or smells.
  8. Ignored entryways – When a prospective homebuyer enters your home, the first thing they see is the entryway. Make sure it is welcoming by adding a bouquet of flowers, or  a pretty mirror or artwork that catches the eye. If you need help in staging your home, please give us a call and we’ll gladly help.
  9. Your pets – Even if the potential homebuyer is an animal lover, they may not love your pets. In fact, they might be afraid of or allergic to them. Be sure to keep your pets outside or away from home when your real estate agent shows your home.
  10. You – Purchasing someone else’s home is a very personal experience. The buyer wants to picture themselves in the home – not you – so be sure to leave the home before a scheduled showing.




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