Utilities Directory – The Woodlands

Water – The Woodlands Joint Power Agency provides and regulates water services for The Woodlands through several Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs). The WJPA page provides helpful information, from setting up new service to convenient payment options. Note that a deposit may be required to set up new service. This map shows the different MUDs across the different neighborhoods and villages.

Please note that Creekside Village and May Valley are served by Harris-Montgomery County MUD 386. For new service and billing, call 281.290.6507.


Power–  The Woodlands is served by two electric utilities including Entergy, a service provider that is fully regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and CenterPoint Energy, a “deregulated” electricity provider in which the customer chooses the Retail Electric Provider (REP) to supply their electricity.  For additional information, and to compare providers and rates, please visit the Power To Choose page, offered by the State of Texas.

In Montgomery County – with some exceptions like May Valley and SW Sterling Ridge:

  • Entergy – 800-368-3749 – You can complete most actions by using their self-service portal.

In Harris County (Creekside Village) and SW Sterling Ridge – including May Valley:

Gas – Centerpoint Energy is the sole provider for of The Woodlands, except May Valley. You can perform most transactions using their self-service portal.

May Valley is served by Texas Gas – 281.252.6700


Waste and Recycling Removal – The Woodlands Township contracts with Waste Management to provide solid waste service and their fees are covered with your Real Estate taxes. Their service offering includes:

Phone / TV / Internet – You may choose from several national carriers, from AT&T/U-Verse, to cable (Comcast/xfinity), and satellite providers (DirecTV / Dish).


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