Volunteering for The Woodlands

Steve and Judy Township Board

On January 23, our very own Judy Easton and her husband Steve were presented the Volunteers of the Year award by The Woodlands Township! They were honored together as the Environmental Services volunteers, for their help with environmental programs including Adopt-a-Path, 3R Bazaar and Earth Day GreenUp. We had a quick chat about her work in the community, and here’s what she had to say.

If you get the chance to talk to Judy, please make sure that you congratulate her  ;o)


Volunteering in The Woodlands

Judy Easton – Assistant to Rianne and Danny Sánchez


My husband Steve and I have been picking up litter in The Woodlands since we moved here in 2004.  Last year we passed the 1 ton of litter picked up mark.  We pick up mostly in the greenbelt, within a 3 mile radius from our house and we can walk the dogs at the same time!  We do have our own Adopt-a-Path also, which we pick up quarterly.

Some of the more unusual items found include a scooter, a cell phone (unusable), at least three chairs, a BB gun, a car battery, a car tire,  a new pair of welding gloves, a gas grill, a slingshot, a bra(!),  a Wellington boot, a pellet pistol, fishing rods, and a skateboard.

We started this year with a bang, picking up 60 pounds, or 8 bags (these are bags we brought mulch in) of litter in one day. We had to bring the truck to haul all of it out of the woods and back to our recycle and trash bins at home.  This was all mostly in one place, in the greenbelt close to Kendall Green.

The picture is from last year’s Green-Up, which is the new Earth Day celebration put on by the Woodlands Township.  It is the two of us and one of our neighbors and the haul we got from the woods near the Alden Bridge shopping center.



We continue to see more people using the greenbelt, which makes all our efforts worthwhile.  Other reasons for doing this, besides the obvious aesthetic, are that a lot of litter is harmful to the environment and the wildlife that lives there.  Animals can get caught in fishing line, cigarette butts and dip are toxic, containers and old tires are breeding grounds for mosquitos, fishing hooks can injure animals, and so on.  We once found a tadpole that had swum into a bottle and then grew too big to get out. Thankfully, we were able to save him!


It’s easy to get involved in keeping our community clean and safe – The Woodlands Township has plenty of resources and programs if you are interested in volunteering. I hope to see you out there!



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