What’s new – Blood Moon Edition

I sure hope that the clouds break out enough for us to see the moon paint itself in red – well, you know what I mean. If we can’t get to watch this, I suppose that we can try again in 18 years…. ;o)

In the meantime, here are a few things that I’m sure will be of value to you. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you would like to chat about it.

Residential – 

DR Horton recently released their plans, models and starting prices for Fosters Ridge – the community that the home builder will develop in the land they acquired about two years ago on Old Conroe Road.  Although not quite inside The Woodlands, the Conroe Independent School District has this development zoned to Bush, Mitchell, McCullough and TWHS — which will (a) help XOM employees looking for a new spot with schools in The Woodlands; and b) stir up the pot in the  existing residential inventory, by adding brand new homes to the mix within the district. Call Rianne if you’d like to know more or to set up a tour of the development.


As our core market continues to grow, more opportunities to set up shop open up – and with this growth, H-E-B has become a visible, tangible influence in our area. A few tid bits:

  • The grocer’s Riley Fuzzel campus was at 100% occupancy (i.e. it leased every available retail space it owns) weeks before the store opened;
  • In Magnolia, the chain has closed 2 major deals along the FM-1488 corridor in the last six months:  1) a 14-acre tract just west of the FM-2978 intersection; and 2) 18 acres across from the Magnolia High School campus.

While we don’t have a timeline on when the potential stores may go online, it is sure to get local authorities thinking on how to deal with traffic.


We left the best for last – or at least we think so. Be on the lookout for a piece of mail (actual mail) that explains the items in the ballot for this November. It is important to highlight a couple of them: (a) The increase of the Homestead ad valorem base exclusion for public schools from $15,000 to $25,000.; and (b) the limitation from future legislation to impose a “transfer tax” when selling real property. Both pieces of legislation are important to homeowners, and we expect high participation rates in the upcoming election.

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